Bad media coverage and cheating

One of the reasons why women’s soccer in Croatia is not popular is the lack of media coverage. If the media covered event’s in women’s soccer leagues, games and tournaments even 50% as much as they do men’s soccer in every country, the general population would get used to seeing news about women’s soccer and slowly gravitate towards following it.

The way things are now, however, the general population knows very little to nothing about women’s soccer and therefore does not care to look up information about it, which gives no incentive to media outlets to cover women’s soccer since their goal is to attract readers. So media doesn’t cover the women’s game because they are fearful it will not attract readers and then the general population has very little options to get informed. If the media, out of respect and equality, covered women’s soccer as often as they do men’s, then people would get used to seeing and hearing about women’s leagues, teams and competitions. This is like a downward spiral that is just screaming for people to have the heart and desire to make a change.

The amount of media coverage given to women’s sports varies from country to country, state to state and region to region and social media has also attributed immensely to offering outlets for promotion as people can create their own pages to post about whatever they want.

Now, imagine if the internet was bombarded with articles about women’s soccer as it is about politics and especially the current United States President, Donald Trump? More information about how to manipulate google, and how it was done so to benefit President Trump, follows in this article:

In my opinion, women’s soccer would benefit from this kind of cheapskate media coverage, at least for now, because people would at least get used to seeing it!