The only way to overcome fear is to face it. Otherwise it overcomes you.

The only way to overcome fear is to face it. Otherwise it overcomes you.

As kids all of us have been told to chase our dreams and never give up. At some point in our adolescent lives, however, we really start to wonder if it is really true or just a cliché. Usually those negative thoughts sprout after some type of disappointment, loss or failure and at that point it becomes clear how a person reacts to discouragement – which is a key psychological characteristic of success – those who give up after being discouraged will never succeed. As time goes on, some people learn how to deal with that failure, disappointment, loss or discouragement…and others turn away from and avoid it.

Croatian locals give surprising comments when asked about women’s soccer

There is a boundary around women’s soccer – you could even think of it as a wall similar to the one that President Donald Trump wishes to build on the American border with Mexico, except this one is invisible and somewhat flexible. The boundary I am speaking of is based on culture, and as time goes on and people and cultures adapt, so does the boundary. Nonetheless, this cultural boundary acts as a hurdle that needs to be jumped…

The sad and undeniable truth about women’s soccer

At the end of the day, or a long-lasting career, it’s not financially worth it!
At some point in a woman’s soccer career she is faced with a difficult decision: keep playing or focus efforts in a more profitable career?
This dilemma for female players becomes apparent much earlier in their careers than a man would consider leaving the game and the main reason for that is because men can make stable money from soccer even at an early age and especially at higher levels than women can…

Croatia is a soccer nation, but not for women’s soccer

Croatia is a country that is culturally connected to soccer. Every boy has played soccer in the streets as a child and a lot of them dream of being professional soccer players when they grow older.
Men’s soccer in Croatia is highly developed with many leagues and opportunities at all levels. The Men’s Croatian National team is one of the top 10 in Europe and highly ranked in the world. Croatia even has one of the best soccer academies in Europe for boys, GNK DINAMO, and has created many international soccer stars such as Luka Modrić, Ivan Rakitić, Ivan Perišić and Mario Mandžukić, who all play in top tier clubs today.