Real life: my worst soccer experience

The absolute worst experience I have ever had throughout my soccer career was linked to one man, a pseudo-manager, Alen Moharic.

I was 19 years old and had just become a professional soccer player (based on women’s soccer standards) as a player for the first place team in Poland, Medyk Konin.
Moharic gave me an offer to go leave Poland to play in Slovenia and at the time I turned it out, until about 6 months later when I accepted it, left Poland and began playing for ZNK Pomurje Beltinci with a signed contract (with him instead of the club).

Little did I know then how much pain and suffering I would have to endure because of that decision, had I known, I would have told him to leave me along and continued to be my own manager.
But, the offer sounded good and I trusted him, so I leaped, and then learned. Here is what I learned and how:
First of all, when things sound too good to be true, they usually really are too good to be true.
Moharic offered me a salary and to pay for my food, accommodation and transportation costs so I could live in Zagreb and play in Slovenia.
Of the five months I stuck with him, he honored this agreement for the first month, and the rest was a struggle.

Every month, which turned into every day, I had to message him asking for the money that he promised me.
Every day he would give me a different story. He would say things like “I just aid it, check your account” and then I would check and be presented with a big fat 0.
Then he would say “the bank must have made a mistake, I’ll call them now” and I would get no word from him for days.
Then he would send some money through western union, but not all of it, so I was constantly covering debts instead of getting paid.
He pulled me along for a good 5 months until I told him that I could not take this kind of behavior anymore (not to mention how many times I heard that he was telling people stories behind my back) and I wanted out of our agreement.
He owed me money so all I did was block him from social media and deleted his number because I just wanted to be rid of the stress.

When people ask me what happened, I tell them the truth from my side, although I am sure that he tells a different story.
Nonetheless, Mr. Alen Moharic has weaseled in to many club teams as a sports director and is also a member of the commission for women’s soccer in Croatia and manipulates with the Croatian Women’s National team – this is why I didn’t find it surprising that the moment he got the position was the same when that I stopped being called to play for the National team even though I was a consistent member for 5 years straight.

This experience for me boils down to corruption.
Someone with a record of having financial disagreements with female players should not be allowed to be a part of the body that makes decisions for those same players.

So I was chipped off by a fake and dishonest manager, something that as happened to many people and will continue to happen to players in the future. But that is why now I am a member of the Croatian Player’s Union (HUNS) as insurance in case I run into any other kinds of mishaps with clubs and also why I try my hardest to save other people from experiencing what I have.

This is a warning to anyone reading this: