Real-life: Where did the times go when I had 100 friends?

I am 24 years old and as I get older my perspective and mentality in life is manipulated by real-life experiences and gradually changes. I assume that this is very normal and that while it happens to me it must be happening to others as well, but I’ll tell you generally what I’ve noticed.

When I was in school I had a lot of close friends and several groups of friends. One group from school, one from my soccer team, one from my futsal team, maybe one from some other kind of activity I was engaged in and possibly another group of friends through association.
So I was cool, popular and linked to a lot of people. However, as I have gotten older, those several groups of friends and countless individuals who I knew, hung out with, trusted and called my friends have narrowed down to the point where I can count on only one hand my reliable and good friends, and the rest are just acquaintances.
I can safely say that I have one group of friends who I genuinely enjoy spending time with, and since I moved to Europe and they live in Miami I only see them only once a year, unfortunately.

Is it that I am not cool or popular anymore? Why have I lost so many friends?

I’ll tell you what I really think. Like I said in the first sentence, my perspective and focus in life and how I spend my time has changed as I have gotten older.
More importantly, WHO I choose to spend my time with has changed. I am passed the stages of drama and backstabbing and I find it an unnecessary waste of time, so I avoid people who remind me of that kind of nonsense. Anything or anyone that stresses me out with petty stories and gossip, isn’t worth my time and patience. I just don’t need it. All of the people who pretended to be friends but revealed their true faces are OUT …so that is where I easily cut off at least 50 out of those 100 “so-called” friends.

Some people may hold on strongly to those unfaithful 100 friends because it is nice to have people around sometimes instead of being alone. I, on the other hand, would rather have one amazing and reliable friend than 50 or so “so-called” friends and it’s actually my choice. However, I am not scared of being a lone and know how to spend time with myself and therefore I don’t need anything else than other than my true friends. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have many true friends of course, but if they are not there then I don’t see a point in trying to make true friends out of fake friends.

This may seem a little bit lonely and introverted, however, I have less stress in my life and less problems when I properly pick the people to devote my time and energy to, and that makes it worth it.
As Bebe Rexha would say, Fu*k Fake Friends 😉