We’ve let social media take control

Today we live in a day and age where life without social media and electronics is unimaginable, even though the frenzy around them did not start that long ago. As much as I love to use social media to catch up with old friends and family whom I live far away from, I hate how dependent people have become, letting social media curve our society and behavior. It’s getting worse and worse with each generation; I can already see a big difference between myself, a 24 year old, and kids that are only 2 years younger than me.

The amount of time that is spend taking pictures, editing and then posting them, filming Facebook and Instagram stories and uploading to Snapchat, not to mention writing tweets and checking all of everyone else’s updates on each social media network, has become overwhelming and insanely time-consuming. People of all ages wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is check their phone and scroll through what everyone else is doing with their lives…instead of maybe concentrating 10 minutes on what we want to do with our lives? And how about waking up in the morning and saying hello first to all of our loved ones, and then eating breakfast and maybe exercising to stay healthy before diving into what everyone else is doing?

I’ll admit that I have also gotten caught up in the frenzy and I can easily spend hours procrastinating from work by scrolling up and down on several social media networks, which are all purposely rigged to make doing so horrendously easy, but I purposely take precautions to keep myself from wasting too much time. I use WiFi at home, but when I leave the house I turn off my mobile internet unless I specifically need it so I don’t get notifications until I turn them back on again (if someone really needs me they can always call or send an SMS the old fashioned way), I also turn off my mobile internet at night before going to sleep s I don’t see any notifications until I turn them back on in the morning and my sleep is undisturbed. Furthermore, when I am in the company of others I put my phone away and keep it away unless I specifically need it for something. All of these are precautions so that I am not rude in front of company and I can control when and where I succumb myself to the black whole of social media that sucks us all in and make it almost impossible to get out.

I am aware of the benefits of social media networks and I also enjoy them, but I don’t like how important they have gotten in every persons everyday life. I miss the old times when kids would run around for fun instead of downloading new apps n their IPhone. I miss when hanging out with friends was about playing sports and sitting in a circle late at night and talking with one another. I miss when people used to call one another to talk about important things instead of just posting it on Facebook, and when things happened even though they weren’t posted on Facebook, and when people didn’t pretend that their lives were perfect through pictures. I miss when life were more real, instead of fake.

Although I am young, I still try to stick to the more “real” way of life as opposed to the one focused on pictures and likes, but I am scared for younger generations, as we already see many changes in behavior and also drops in people’s health conditions, coordination, sports abilities and motor skills. It’s all linked together.

Think about the person you want to be and if you have kids, how you want your kids to be. Staring at a phone all day? Or active, healthy and exercising their ability to use social skills with real people face to face?